Branch Line Society
Branch Line Society
Branch Line Society
Tue 17 Oct 2017
507001 750V Tracker Railtour at Southport 18/01/2015 EMT 156403 on Peak Rail at Rowsley South with Branch Line Society East Midlands Tracker Railtour from Derby, forming the second passenger train over the connection from Network Rail at Matlock, 26.08.12. (Photograph © Iain Scotchman with permission and trackside escort).

Branch Line Society

The Society is a UK-based voluntary association for railway enthusiasts. It is a nationally spread organisation with a membership of approaching 1000 (including a few resident overseas).

It was established in 1955 and is widely recognised as Britain's leading amateur group for the study of railway infrastructure and history of networks (and not nowadays, despite its title, just minor lines).

It pursues its aims by a news service, tours and visits, and the production and distribution of publications.

Unlike many enthusiast groups, our emphasis is on the physical works and on operating arrangements, rather than power and rolling stock. Whilst seeking to record matters of history accurately for archive purposes, a prime aim is to publicise coming events and activities.

Members receive up to 24 newsletters per year (UK and International versions are available,) priority information, booking preference, lower fares, and a discount on some sales items. Members opting for a paper copy of the newsletter also receive a free annual copy of Passenger Train Services Over Unusual Lines. Some fixtures are 'members only'. Join the Society today!

Video of EDF Tracker at Brigg («Gary Compton) Video of BLS visit to the Royal Deeside Railway 06/09/2015 («Kev Adlam) Video of Diverted Caledonian Sleeper at York («Gary Compton)
Video of EDF Tracker at Brigg
©Gary Compton
(6.71 MB)
Video of BLS visit to the Royal Deeside Railway 06/09/2015
©Kev Adlam
(6.95 MB)
Video of diverted
Caledonian Sleeper at York
©Gary Compton
(16.8 MB)

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