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Tue 17 Oct 2017

Nottingham Area Walks
Moor Bridge 08/05/2013

On the evening of 8th May 2013, 16 participants met at Moor Bridge Tram Stop for the first in a series of trackbed walks along what is left of the GN and GC routes north of Nottingham. First the GN line linking its own Leen Valley line to the Great Central at Bulwell South Junction, now a footpath, was taken. Evidence of the large number of Railwaymen once living in the area, travelling on the Dido Staff train to Annesley each day, is the Railway Club here in the shadow of the GC Bulwell Viaduct, until its demolition in 1989 and of which only a blue-brick wall remains. Next participants were then able to find a stretch of GC formation leading to the viaduct, although the rest is built over southwards. Back on the GN the cutting was followed where the two routes came alongside each other, although the down GN line dive-under beneath the GC is buried. Nearby, the whole of the Bulwell Common station site is built on, entirely filling the cutting, although the station bridge survives, in-filled and with the entrance bricked-up. A survivor here is the Stationmasters house on St. Albans Road.

From here a 17 bus took participants to Arnold Road, the site of Leen Valley Junction, where the original GN Leen Valley line runs northwards through a deep wooded cutting to Bulwell Forest station (closed in 1929) and, just across the golf course from Bulwell Common, the former GC Wrigley's wagon works was here, now a Tesco supermarket. The trackbed continues to Bestwood Junction and beyond but time meant curtailing exploration here and returning to Moor Bridge. For action views of the area 50 years ago simply enter Bulwell Common in YouTube. We are grateful to local member Tom Gilby for another very interesting and enjoyable walk. With thanks to a participant, it can be seen at EveryTrail.

BLS Moor Bridge at EveryTrail
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